What do Chaplains do?

As a sports chaplain,it is your sacred duty and high privilege to love and to lead the people in your charge. It is your responsibility to pray for, to serve, to challenge and to extravagantly love them. You can do no more and the Lord Jesus expects no less. You must be willing to invest and begin a journey of faith that will be most fulfilling for you and for those whom you serve.

Chaplain Education

GlobalSportsChaplaincy.org was created by a network of Sports Chaplains and Sports Chaplaincy training organizations in order to train and equip Chaplains around the globe.  Learn from the best through free training sessions, videos, and course work at http://www.globalsportschaplaincy.org.  Get ready to serve!

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Chaplain Impact

Learn about the FCA Chaplain Ministry
at the University of Louisville

The people of sport have tremendous influence. Many are called to be Christ’s ambassadors to the sporting community and are given a unique opportunity to publicly display the parallel between biblical principles and athletic fundamentals. But too often, the people of sport are the most misunderstood and spiritually neglected. They are also some of the most exploited and overexposed within the Christian community.

That’s why the sports chaplain is among the most strategic points of ministry for our complex world.